As a salsa dancing fan for over a decade, I have never come across a book or a blog that captured my imagination for a pursuit that had preoccupied me for practically every waking moment of my life in the past ten years. 

Although largely hidden to the general public, the world of salsa is highly developed and stylised, with tens of thousands of participants around the world whose devotion in pursuing their passion is nothing short of fanatical.

This website hopes to be guide to the Latin dance world in Joburg in particular as well as around the world. I know you are as curious as me about the dances, its leading personalities, its history, the music, and the cultures in Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas that gave birth to the dance - in other words, everything.

I have been a journalist and a writer most of life, but it hadn’t occurred to me to turn my gaze to my pastime because it was just that - a seemingly frivolous hobby. And not exactly an area of scholarly research and serious journalism, so I believed. 

Like most true callings, salsa would not let me go, especially my mind space which was constantly preoccupied with it even when I tried to focus on what I thought were other more serious endeavors.

But as I thought more deeply about it, I began to realize the richness of the subject. 

Salsa is a relatively young art form that thrives without much structure.

There is no one governing body that sets out rules and accreditations in salsa.

There are dozens of salsa festivals around the world, but they all march to their own beat.